Qiuming “Grace” Wang

Graduate Student | School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

Education & Professional Training

  • B.S. Nutritional Sciences, University of Arizona
  • B.S. Physiology, University of Arizona

About Me:
I am an international student from China. After I graduated in 2020, I worked as a research technician in the School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness at the University of Arizona. This research opportunity led me to the emerging research area, precision nutrition and wellness. I worked on projects using mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and lipidomics as approaches to explore how diet and lifestyle affect an individual’s health. These fascinating and challenging projects motivated my passion for research, which led me to pursue my MS in Nutritional Sciences.

Why did you choose the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Arizona?
I chose the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Programs at the University of Arizona because of the emphasis on precision nutrition and wellness. The interdisciplinary research designed in the program offers me the opportunity to learn and combine both computation and nutritional sciences. It can build a strong foundation for me in the future to specialize research on computational lipidomics, fluxomics, and metabolomics