Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We Are Committed to Diversity and Inclusiveness

You are a unique member of our community and we value your perspective and contributions to our classes and community. We believe that education is enriched by open dialogue and the respectful exchange of diverse perspectives. In our programs, you are encouraged to share your thoughts, ideas and beliefs to enhance the scholarly experience of both students and faculty.

Comments and Feedback Form

Our goal is to identify issues and raise awareness about diversity and inclusion, and develop solutions and resources. The comments and feedback form allows for the communication of issues, comments, questions, and concerns anonymously. We want to hear from you - any and all feedback is extremely important to us!

Comments and Feedback

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Land Acknowledgement:

The University of Arizona is located statewide on the ancestral homelands of indigenous peoples.

School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Our Committee’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: We recognize that representation, validation and empowerment are foundational to a strong academic culture and that barriers impeding inclusion in, or access to, education must be identified and addressed. The Diversity & Inclusion Committee of the School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness will work to address the historic systems of oppression and discrimination that continue to harm minoritized groups through intentional curricular, co-curricular, recruitment, support and engagement initiatives that foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where our full community can learn and thrive.

We seek to create a vibrant, action-oriented, engaged School with the expectation that everyone will contribute towards individual and collective inclusive excellence. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values for the University of Arizona School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness, and offer a competitive advantage in attracting faculty, staff, students and their partners. Moreover, diversity allows our School  to prepare students to be leaders in nutrition, healthcare, and Dietetics as we critically examine current models of health, wellness, and nutrition. 

Our Committee’s Statement on Racial Equity and Nutritional Sciences: Political determinants of health such as housing, transportation, food security, and access to safe places to be physically active affect quality of life and health outcomes. We acknowledge the systemic racism that has produced both unjust food and economic systems that influence these social determinants of health.  Our committee aims to prepare the future leaders in Dietetics to understand the historical context of nutritional guidance and the harm that it has caused communities of color. We celebrate racial and ethnic foodways to support the development of more meaningful relationships with food that encompass social and cultural factors, as well as their nutritional value.

Our Committee’s Mission & Goals

  • Create systems of accountability for faculty, staff and students to uphold equity and inclusion principles, and to address harm that may be caused through systems of oppression such as racism.
  • Support and guide hiring efforts to increase the number of Black, Indigenous, Latino, and other People of Color (POC) and people from historically under-represented groups faculty and staff 
  • Increase recruitment, retention efforts and support to increase the number of students from historically under-represented groups, and support environments where they feel welcomed to thrive in the School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness.
  • Recent findings from the Project on Inclusive Instruction Needs and Strengths

Committee Members:

Laurel Jacobs (Chair), and members from the School’s faculty, staff, and students representing the School’s research, instructional, and community outreach missions.

Sexual Harassment/Sex Discrimination

Bias Incidents Reporting