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Changing the Future - School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

The School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness is a leader in cutting-edge research, outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs, Cooperative Extension and outreach programs, and continuing professional education. Our school is advancing the discovery and translation of nutrition and physical activity strategies to optimize the health of people in Arizona and beyond.

We are the only University of Arizona unit whose work spans the full continuum of biomedical research, allowing us to translate basic science discoveries into clinical practice and community programs. The school provides research-proven products and services such as nutrition-food and physical activity education, body composition measurements, medication patents, in-demand degree programs, and innovative curricula, and Cooperative Extension and outreach programs.

Investing in the School will help improve quality of life, reduce health care costs, and lessen the burden of chronic illness.

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Inspiring Innovators - Undergraduate Students

Nutrition and physical activity are key to preventing and treating debilitating health conditions – obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Health professionals trained to address the relationship between food and health, within the context of disease prevention and treatment, are critical. With a strong foundation of core sciences, School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness students learn to translate research into practical applications to make lasting impacts in healthcare, agriculture, nutrition and physical activity education.

Investing in undergraduate students will enhance their engagement and learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. This support will help prepare the next generation of professionals.

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Creating Leaders - Graduate Students

Graduate students are our future leaders. The School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness graduate students are valuable innovators, working alongside experienced faculty to solve complex health, nutrition and food related issues. They are an integral part of the team, offering unique ideas to help develop and implement new healthcare solutions.

Investing in graduate student program funding will help us recruit and train the best and brightest future leaders—ensuring a growing, diverse workforce made up of individuals inspired to create lasting change and help others live healthy lives.

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Finding Answers - Research

Chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes remain our biggest health challenges. Nutrition and physical activity are key to preventing and treating these diseases. What works to solve these health problems for one person may not work for another. Understanding that each person is unique, precision health attempts to tailor nutrition and physical activity recommendations to meet individual needs. Research that advances the science of precision health will help individuals, families and communities engage in precision prevention. Targeted approaches designed using nutrition and food-based therapies can have a huge positive impact on personal health.

Investing in research by School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness faculty is critical for improving the health and quality of life of future generations.

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Improving Communities - Community Outreach & Cooperative Extension

Nutrition and physical activity are essential to good health and quality of life. Our School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness community Cooperative Extension education and outreach programs help people throughout Arizona choose healthy foods, manage food budgets, handle food safely and be more physically active. Good health is associated with improved quality of life, reduced health care costs, less absenteeism from work, and higher productivity.

Investing in our community Cooperative Extension and outreach education efforts helps nurture the next generation, ensuring healthier children, families and communities.

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Educating Professionals - Continuing Professional Education

Already an internationally recognized leader in undergraduate, graduate, and community nutrition and physical activity education, the School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness is now the first University of Arizona unit to offer cutting-edge Continuing Professional Education across healthcare providers including registered dietitian nutritionists, registered nurses, and medical doctors. Our Continuing Professional Education provides innovative nutrition, food and physical activity training, improves patient care skills and is integral to maintaining clinical expertise and licensing.

Investing in our Continuing Professional Education program allows growth and expansion of state-of-the-art professional education and cultivates stronger relationships with communities and clinicians, positively impacting public health.

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