Chelsea Doll

Graduate Student | School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

Education and Professional Training:

  • B.S., Public Health, University of Arizona

About me:
After receiving my undergraduate degree in Public Health in 2014 I spent 3 years working in health promotion (both corporate and non-profit) and more recently 4 years in clinical research. I have always been fascinated about the role of food in how our bodies operate at a biochemical level. I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in the NSC Graduate Program to further my knowledge of research in this area.

Why did you choose the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Arizona?
I wanted to make a change from clinical research, but still not knowing what area of focus I was passionate about, the chance to rotate through different labs during my first semester was one reason I was drawn to the University of Arizona. Additionally, the School of Nutritional Science and Wellness has faculty from an eclectic mix of backgrounds and areas of study. The opportunity to learn from them and grow into an interdisciplinary scientist will allow me to advance into the next steps of my career.