David Hartshorne, PhD

Professor Emeritus

School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness


  • Post-Doctoral Positions: Biochemistry Department, SUNY, Brooklyn; Cardiovascular Institute, UCSF
  • PhD, Biochemistry, University of Birmingham, UK
  • BS, Biochemistry, University of Birmingham, UK


Research goals are to gain a better understanding of the contractile or motile, mechanism in smooth muscle and in non-muscle cells. This involves investigations of the proteins myosin, myosin-light-chain kinase and myosin-light-chain phosphatase.

Another major emphasis is to elucidate the role of phosphorylation in cytoskeletal structure. The latter utilizes bacterial toxins that occur as contaminants in food and drinking water, and chemicals in common use as herbicides and insecticides.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Phosphorylation of protein phosphatase type-1 inhibitory proteins by integrin-linked kinase and cyclic nucleotide-dependent protein kinases. Erdodi F, Kiss E, Walsh MP, Stefansson B, Deng JT, Eto M, Brautigan DL and Hartshorne DJ (2003). Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 306, 382-387. Published.
  • Twitchin from molluscan catch muscle: Primary structure and relationship between site-specific phosphorylation and mechanical function. Funabara D, Watabe S, Mooers S, Narayan S, Dudas C, Hartshorne DJ, Siegman MJ and Butler TM (2003). J. Biol. Chem. 278, 29308-29316. Applied for.
  • Activation of RhoA and inhibition of myosin phosphatase as important components in hypertension in vascular smooth muscle. Seko T, Ito M, Kureishi Y, Okamoto R, Mori N, Onishi K, Isaka M, Hartshorne DJ and Ito M (2003). Circ. Res. 92, 411-418. Published.
  • Myosin phosphatase and myosin phosphorylation in differentiating C2C12 cells. Wu Y, Erdodi F, Muranyi A, Nullmeyer KD, Lynch RM and Hartshorne DJ (2003). J. Mus. Res. Cell Motil. 24, 499-511. Applied for.

Interdisciplinary or Team Research Activities

  • Dr. F. Matsumura, Rutgers Univ. N.J. Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.
  • Collaboration on regulation of myosin phosphatase activity during the cell cycle.
  • Drs. T. Butler and M. Siegman, Thomas Jefferson Univ. PA. Dept. Physiology, Collaboration on molluscan smooth muscle.
  • Dr. S. Watabe, Univ. Tokyo, Japan, Dept. Marine Biochemistry. Collaboration on molluscan smooth muscle and marine toxins.
  • Dr. M. Ito, Univ. Mie, Japan, 1st. Dept. Int. Med., Collaboration on subunit composition and regulation of myosin phosphatase.
  • Dr. M. Walsh, Univ. Calgary, Canada, Dept. Med. Biochemistry. Collaboration on effects of Rho-kinase on myosin phosphatase.