Jil Albrecht

Graduate Assistant | School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

About Me
While taking courses at Galveston Community College, I developed a love for science in my anatomy and physiology class. This kickstarted my journey to pursuing a science degree. I graduated from The University of Arizona with my bachelor of science in nutrition with an emphasis in dietetics in the spring of 2022. While pursuing this degree, I had the opportunity to work in research and found an outlet to continuing learning scientific methods and making discoveries in a fun and supportive environment. This led me to pursue my PhD in nutritional sciences.

Why did you choose the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Arizona?
I chose this program because of how involved and supportive the environment is within the School. There are excellent opportunities for collaboration, and new ideas and creativity are met with encouragement. Everyone is invested in student success, and there are so many resources available to us. An environment like this is conducive to good work and good science. I strive to be a part of this and pass it on to our current and future students.