London McDougal

Graduate Student | School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

Education & Professional Training

  • B.S. Plant Sciences - minor in Biochemistry, University of Arizona. 

About Me 
I spent most of my childhood growing up in Portland, Oregon, and Tucson. I was fascinated with plant sciences and how it gave rise to medicine, pharmacology, and nutrition. After finishing my B.S. I started work in the cancer diagnostic industry and progressed for nearly 3 years. Grateful for my experience, I felt a serious lack of fulfillment in my day to day work. Combining my desire for more in life and passion for nutrition, I returned to academics to complete my Ph.D. For me, it is important to always be learning and growing, adding challenges in my life and adapting. This program will help me become the individual I strive for. 

Why did you choose the nutritional sciences graduate program at the University of Arizona? 
I chose the University of Arizona Nutritional Sciences program because it offers an integrated approach to academics and community. The UA Nutritional Sciences department has a diverse faculty that explores many research topics. The faculty, staff, and students have a strong sense of community, which I find to be the most important part of any environment.