Randy Chou

Graduate Student | School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

About Me
I am Randy Chou, a passionate individual originally from Taiwan embarked on an incredible journey to the United States in 2022 to pursue my graduate studies. I began my academic journey with an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Health Sciences from the University of Taipei, Taipei. I was always curious about how exercise can keep us healthy and prevent diseases. During that time, I founded a fitness club where I collaborated with guest speakers to talk about different aspects of exercise science. Upon completing my undergraduate education, I pursued an MS in Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Under the mentorship of Dr. Mark Davis and Dr. Angela Murphy, I delved into the interconnections of exercise, the immune system, and cancer. My master's project involved a comprehensive literature review exploring the impact of exercise on aging immunity and cancer, summarizing existing evidence on exercise's potential to ameliorate immunosenescence for enhanced cancer defense. In order to gain more knowledge and experience in exercise immuno-oncology research, I decided to come to the University of Arizona, Tucson, and join Dr. Richard Simpson’s lab. 

Why I chose the Nutritional Sciences Program at the University of Arizona
I decided to come to the University of Arizona because of three main reasons. First, Dr. Richard Simpson is a well-known exercise immuno-oncology researcher, so having the opportunity to join his lab is a dream come true for me. Second, the whole experience of applying and visiting during the NSGP program was fantastic—the program admin and staff are awesome. And lastly, the almost all year-round sunshine in Tucson is hard to beat!