Talani Bertram

Graduate Student | School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

About me
My career has been dedicated to improving the health and well-being of adolescents and adults.  I am a Certified Physician Associate. I have had the opportunity to practice in New York encountering an extremely diverse patient population. In my time practicing as a Physician Associate, I have unfortunately experienced firsthand the toll chronic disease has taken on the US population. I feel my calling in life is to educate patients, especially the historically disenfranchised population, on the most up to date and current life changing, long term management to prevent and decrease the burden these chronic conditions have caused in their lives.

Why did you choose the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Program at the University of Arizona?
I chose to pursue my PhD in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona because nutrition modification has proven to decrease risk of development and progression of chronic diseases. It will allow me to adequately discuss the micro and macro nutrient options with the underserved patient populations in the United States based on their cultural background, nutritional needs, and access to foods.