Yonarki Garcia Varela, MS

Assistant Professor of Practice

School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness


  • MS  Food Science and Technology, University of Havana, Cuba (Certified in the US)
  • BS   Food Science, University of Havana, Cuba (Certified in the UA)


  • NSC 351 L –Food Studies and Science Laboratory (1 unit)
  • NSC 353 – Fundamental of Food Science and Safety (3 units)
  • NSC 170C2 – The Science of Fermentation: When Bad Foods Turn Well (3 units)
  • NSC 150C1- Sustainable Nutrition and Food Systems (3 units)
  • NSC 170C1 – Nutrition Food and You (3 units)
  • NSC 101 – Introduction to Human Nutrition (3 units)


Yonarki Garcia-Varela has been a professor and researcher since 2005 in different countries, including Cuba, Peru, and the United States. He is a bilingual professor who speaks and writes fluently in Spanish. Yonarki has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in food science and technology, nutrition, food safety, and chemistry areas. He has experience working in various careers such as Food Science, Nutrition, Food Engineering, and Nursing. He has participated in various international conferences, as well as peer-reviewed scientific articles throughout South America. His recent research includes analytical sensorial methods to evaluate food products in restaurants and the food production industry, as well as specializing in the development of fermented vegetables using potential probiotic-initiating strains. Yonarki’s service involves serving on the mentoring and professional development committee, undergraduate program committee, Food Science and Management Theme group, and hiring committee, along with being a member of the Institute of Food Science and Technologist, Food Science Club-UA, and Cure Institute-UA. He continues to expand his work as a passionate food scientist and an enthusiastic educator.